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Director Technical Support

Mr. Sobel has more than 25 years of experience in various areas of the information technology industry, including IT management, project management, applications development, systems analysis, industry analyst, sales support, and marketing.

Most recently, he was Director of Analyst Relations at Sybase. Prior to that, Mr. Sobel served as Director of Worldwide Marketing for HP. In that position, he coordinated the marketing efforts of the Systems and Networking Divisions of HP, both Europe and the United States. Additionally, he managed the development of a market research and customer relationship management system that integrated marketing and customer information for use by development, marketing and sales, worldwide.

Prior to working at HP, Ken was an industry analyst at Gartner and META Group, where he focused on decision support and strategy development for clients. For IT users, that included issues related to the acquisition and disposition of hardware and software, as well as IT strategy. Ken also advised vendors in the areas of product strategy, competitive analysis, analyst relations, user requirements, and marketing. He also served as a technical support analyst for the Gartner and META Group sales organizations.

Mr. Sobel began his career in programming, working with business units to develop systems that addressed a wide range of requirements, in a variety of corporate functions. In that capacity he leveraged his knowledge of ten programming languages to complete a range of commercial and scientific projects, including real-time programming for weather balloons and test stations for the X-15 rocket engine. Later, he managed technology groups in F500 companies, conducting analyses of vendor products, developing long-range strategies, and designing telecommunications networks, while overseeing annual budgets as high as $30 million.

Ken has also published a number of articles in FORTUNE and Forbes magazines, based on interviews with over 100 CEOs in a wide range of technology companies.

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