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Security Audits

Enterprise Security Audit

NCS/Paladion provides a set of pro-active compliance and assurance services that help assess the security of IT systems, infrastructures, and processes. These include assessments of security architectures, governance strategies, policies and procedures, and technical vulnerabilities. The audit services are accompanied by customized recommendations for short- and long-term improvements to your security posture.

One or more of the following areas may be included:

Security Governance and Strategy

NCS/Paladion analyzes your business and organizational structure to determine the best governance practices for managing your information security functions. To maximize success, we work with cross-functional teams to develop security blueprints that align business and IT initiatives, while developing strong governance strategies and best practices that help drive risk management and compliance. 

A Scalable Security Model

Our audit services contribute toward building a scalable security model for your network and architecture. We assess current weaknesses and then develop recommendations for deploying an enhanced network architecture that optimizes performance while maintaining high security and availability.

Security Policies and Processes

We bring a unique risk-based approach to assess the current adequacy of security policies and level of implementation. Our audit results highlight adherence levels and weaknesses in policy areas. We also provide support in formulation of security policies that comprehensively protect your information assets. While benchmarking the policies with several global standards, we ensure that they are specific to your requirements and mitigate your unique risks.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

We provide enterprise- and application-specific audit services for determining the robustness and readiness of your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Focus is placed on critical processes in recovery and resumption, to ensure that the plan is detailed and caters to every contingency. Our audit services include reviews of current capabilities, business impact, recovery strategies, continuity plans, and an evaluation of continuity plan maintenance and testing.

Security Management Metrics

NCS/Paladion assists its clients in developing an extensive information security measurement system which monitors and manages various security risks over time. The system also helps in prioritizing investments, tracking benefits and investment payback, developing checkpoints, and continuous feedback improvements to security strategies.


Privacy legislation and controls are advancing rapidly around the world, in response to consumer and government pressures. Understanding and complying to these requirements is critical to avoiding legal liability and building customer confidence. With vast experience in implementing data security measures and access controls, NCS/Paladion can enable you to determine your status on privacy protection, and then provide recommendations to achieve compliance where necessary.

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